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Steven Davidoff, M.D., and Warren Werbitt, M.D., Cherry Hill
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by the fifth, to a less extent by the sixth, and to a small extent by
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the principle it was the first to illostrate. I regard it as possessing
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and instruction in the application of bandages and appa-
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tary professions. The first are either students of veterinary medi-
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aad on witnessing my misertd^ situation, h« was io
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A brief application of adrenalin solution on a compress will check
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of the kidneys affecting three young girls, whose respective ages were twenty-two,
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should not be kept greatly obstructed by pellets of
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Verv abundant about Table Mountain, where it was collected
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vomiting, and a rapid rise of temperature to 104 to 105 F. The tempera-
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which, however, are not superior to the compound used in this
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formed on one, can be anything else than a painful experience.
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Haynes, C. F. (West) ; Hildrcth, W. H. (Upper Falls) ; Hunt, O. E.
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taining more information with regard to the true pathology of mem-
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One of the present writers'' has shown in a previous publication
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•5406 c.i. Society of chemical industry. Journal. Volsi
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symi)toms are mild or of short duration, so as to be disregarded by
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per cent. There were five female tabetics seen in the
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Should the animal show signs of debility or weakness, give one
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Laval University, Quebec. — Dr. Jackson has been appoin-
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tongue : he then applied a fwathe of thin linen, an
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appetite, may scour or eat dirt. Benzine or gasoline
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' In practice tho procedure of traversing is to be carried out exactly as here described. In
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diminishes in intensity of representation as we pass from
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(GM) and International Business Machines, Inc (IBM)
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ammonia, spirit of ether, milk, raw eggs, strong beef tea, wine, or
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even when clinical signs of neuropathy are not too per-
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The Worthlepsness of Beef-Tea. — The experiments of
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who constructed it, and can rarely be removed. It will go with him
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the derangement of the circulation which results therefrom, or by a diffuse
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in a paper on " Functional Nerve Diseases and the Shock of
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worms and then give tonics. When it occurs in Distemper in the violent
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Morbid Anatomy. — At there is hypertrophy of tlie muscular
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Surgery. Assistant Attending Pediatrician, New York
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mological subjects, but recently they seem to have shown an^
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pain, perhaps weeping like a child, and anxiously exclaiming that
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